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Thursday, June 21, 2017 — Good morning,World!

Here’s a clue for those of you who think that wearing an Eleven Thousand dollar watch on your wrist is going to buy you some prestige among the clueless horde that surrounds you on your daily journeys —- It won’t!

In point of fact chances are that nobody at all will notice unless you do something or say something to force them to notice and if you do that then you are a first class jerk!

So my advice to you this morning is, “You are probably just as well off to go out in the crowd with a $20 ticker from the big box store and just as likely not to have to worry about personal security when walking down the streets that you have to share with a bunch of shadowy flakes lurking in the doorways of buildings.

Here’s another tip for the astute enjoyers of the little things in life: “Do not present me with a plate of something called “Chicken Enchiladas” and definitely do not present me with a slice of something else called “Chicken Pizza!” — Chicken is wonderful prepared in many and sundry ways but if you want to get on the wrong side of me then go ahead and try me with the aforementioned two culinary outrages.

I am positively going to have to get up and go outside — screw how hot it gets — and do a little running or jogging or something because I am positively going to pot sitting around this comfortable, much-too-big, air-conditioned old place being coddled and pampered and waited on …. I am going stir crazy and I have to go ride my bike or walk or jog or some damned thing … the closer I get to my 79th birthday the lazier I seem to be! — “Fawk!” —- Ha! Ha! Ha! — Let’s see if changing one letter in a word makes it any less repugnant to overly-sensitive souls.

I hate the fact that my favorite mens’ cologne costs more than $300 U.S.D per 100-ml bottle so I am going to do something I haven’t done in a long time. I’m going to become cheap and use an essential perfume oil I found that emulates my favorite scent very closely and only costs $25 for 4 ounces …. and I have ordered it and it is on the way and should be here by June 28! — Am I bad or what? — My Bangladeshi buddy who runs the cologne store is going to be pissed at me but what can I say? — The one thing that nobody can ever accuse me of is being a faithful friend. — If you don’t give me a discount on my favorite cologne then I am most likely to go find an alternate source and that is just the kind of unthoughtful, ungrateful bastard that I am. — I cannot help myself!

Well let’s see now — My premium paid subscription to my private domain is going to expire on July 28, 2017 and once it expires and I fail to pay the $99 U.S. Dollars needed to renew it, the blog, “John Liming.Blog” will disappear forever and I will probably do what one of my best friends on the whole Internet suggested I do, — I might use the “Free” WordPress.Com even though if I do that it means my readers — Bwahahahahahah ….. My readers might have to contend with advertising in their face ….I don’t know — I am not there yet — I might still relent and pay the fee and renew the darned thing …. who knows?

I have been wanting to get a new smart phone but I keep hearing all these stories about batteries exploding and catching fire and burning up in the pockets of users …. I am not ready to risk having something blow up and burn my ass to a crisp or burn out a couple of rooms of the house … or put smoke into the air and hurt my little pet bird. — Am I being paranoid or am I being sensible? — If you are out there and you have managed to struggle this far through this post can you advice me on whether or not I can safely purchase a new smart phone and not have to worry about it catching fire?

I haven’t purchased a box of prepared cold cereal for years now and so today I am going to get dressed and jog to the local market and pick up a box of old-fashioned rolled wheat flakes and a couple of bananas and go nuts! — That used to be my go-to breakfast before I got all fancy and everything with meat and eggs and omelets and all those things that people who are nobody but who want to appear to be somebody do to themselves ….I was once a total nobody who didn’t have the proverbial pot to piss in and I am not so sure that I wasn’t a lot better off and more happy back then than I am now.

Maybe my problem is that as I have grown older I have become jaded to the point where I just don’t appreciate anything anymore. — I haven’t a clue. — I do know that age brings on a certain amount of deterioration of body, mind and brain … and maybe that is where I am and maybe that is what the matter is with me …. I am just an old Klutz!

So there is the first rant of the morning my bitches … my friends …. my soul-mates …. my lovers … my wannabe lovers … my pets … my friends …. whichever category you fall into …. there is my first mindless rant of the day …. Let’s see what happens during the rest of what is left of the day — Just remember: No chicken enchiladas please!

American Police Officer Stabbed In Neck By Suspected Terrorist

It reportedly happened at the Flint, Michigan airport sometime on the morning of June 21, 2017 —– Some nut with a knife reportedly administered non-fatal neck wounds to an American Police Officer (On duty at the airport apparently) while shouting the “Allahu Akbar” nonsense usually associated in the media with …. Arabic Terrorist Attacks.

According to most of the media reports I have been able to read the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating the “Incident” (God I am getting to hate that damned word) as a “Possible” terrorist attack. (Don’t you just love it when the authorities use the word, “Possible” whenever one of these freaks attack somebody with a weapon of one kind or the other?

Of course — unless somebody comes forward and actually identifies the “Allahu Akbar”-shouting nut was a Muslim I guess I cannot presume that he was one. He might have been some White Supremacist Christian Nut Flake posing as an Islamist in order to cause confusion and create a false flag incident out of some psychotic repressed dislike for Muslims (The poor victims of Islamaphobia in most every case).

Anybody can run around shouting “Allahu Akbar” for crying out loud. Just because somebody is shouting it doesn’t mean they are automatically a Muslim!

Somebody reported seeing the alleged attacker being led away in handcuffs which is at least some indication that the attacker was apprehended and stopped from causing further damage …. something that is probably a good thing ….. so now I assume the American Taxpayers are going to get shafted for the legal expenses of some lawyer defending the aggressor in court …. They could have saved the money but I am not going to go into that argument any further right now before somebody accuses me of not being compassionate or some other such shit.

A French newspaper I was reading has reported that the attacker was from Canada and was named “Amor Ftouhi” which sounds like a good old traditional “Christian” name to me — NOT!

The French newspaper also reported that three other people were arrested by police at the small four-story building in which the suspect reportedly lived in the Rosemont neighborhood in the Canadian Province of Montreal.

I am pleased to see that there are some newspapers in Europe and around the world who have not as yet fallen to the “Political Correctness” ruse of the sympathizers of and apologists for radical Islamist terror.

Some such publications still have the balls to call terrorist by their real name. That is encouraging to someone like myself.

Well folks — since I am such a pussy about these kinds of things I guess I will just have to be extra vigilant when I am out in a crowd. I know I have a greater chance of dying from a gorilla jumping out from behind a bush somewhere and grabbing me by the gonads, but I am still going to be keeping a close eye on my surroundings and on anybody anywhere near my surroundings and I am going to train myself to always be on the lookout for any signs of a possible terrorist in my vicinity — and if I do that then I might have a chance to survive all this horse shit regardless of what the apologist freaks and the enablers and the sympathizers have to say.

The fact is that this attack in Michigan says one thing to old John here folks. It tells me “The Radical-assed Terrorists are probably here and hiding (God only knows where) and can materialize and try to kill us at anytime, at any place and totally without warning and so we had better be damned well aware of our surroundings no matter where we go these days!

Nothing to see here — yet!

Somebody said they had 9 questions about the Senate health care bill.

What makes anybody think they are going to get any answers at all about the Senate health care bill?

Nobody ever got any answers about the Obamacare health care bill until it was suddenly sprung on the American People — Nobody in congress had ever read the bill before it came up for a quick vote and nobody had a clue as to what was in it.

What makes anybody think the new Senate bill is going to be handled any differently seeing as how the whole thing is being worked out in total secrecy.

I think I am safe in saying that if the damned thing is all that secret then it probably contains a major screwing for most Americans …. If it was all on the up and up I am pretty sure there wouldn’t be such a desperate need for the framers of the bill to keep it hidden from The American People.

Self Preservation More Important Than Political Correctness

I know the peaceniks and the left-tards are going to argue with me on this one but I don’t care what any of that ignorant bunch has to say about much of anything because the most recent election in the State of Georgia has shown that all they can do is run their mouths, make threats and spend money.

Anyway we are in a situation now where the dictators of little shit nations can starve their own people in order to have the money with which to build their intercontinental missiles and to develop their nuclear warheads and to make their incessant threats about how they are going to bombard us all and kill as many of us as they can kill and absolutely wipe our way of life off the map.

The rant and they rage and they run their missile tests and what do we do?

We tell them, “Hey, stop that! You’re not allowed to do that!”

And what do they say back to us?

They say a virtual “Fuck you Yankees, we are going to do what we want to do and sooner of later we are going to wipe you out!”

And what do pantywaists in Washington do?

They think of methods by which they can appease these aggressors — they think of ways to try to buy them off by sending them foreign aid … by the plane load …. by the shit load.

Does it work?


No, it doesn’t work!

Has appeasement ever worked?

No, appeasement has never worked. (Ask Chamberlain if you are old enough to remember who that is.).

Will appeasement ever work?

No, appeasement will never work and diplomacy will never work because these assholes are crazy and crazy has no sense of reason and cannot be reasoned with.

American Law Makers should know all this by now but they act like they don’t understand shit.

That’s what we mean when we say “Votes Have Consequences.”

Trump Tenure Vindicated In Hotly-Contested Georgia Election

The whole world was watching this, the most expensive special election in the nation’s history to see if alleged national disapproval of President Trump could translate into a win for Democrats in the State of Georgia. — The Dumbo-Crats wasted $50-million on the fiasco. — Bwahahahahahah! LOL!

The Libs lost their ass as Republican Karen Handel easily defeated Democrat Jon Osstoff.

(Laughing my ass off at the stupidity and arrogant presumption of the wannabe Commies.)

I guess Dim-Crud activist protesting isn’t really worth a flying fuck when you come right down to it because Americans are not stupid generally and they can smell bullshit from a mile away and this special election proves it.

I hope this defeat for the dumbwaddians of Democratia signals the trend for the 2018 midterms!

The Questionable Effect Of Sanctions Against Nations

We keep on hearing about countries supporting “Sanctions” on other countries ….. presumably in answer to some country’s’ unsociable habits in the World Community.

There is the case of U.S. Sanctions against Russia and North Korea — and elsewhere. Remember the Cuban Embargo of the 1960s? — It had some effect but it looks to me like the Cuban People did not starve under those sanctions because there were other “Communist” countries out there to take up some of the slack and help Cuba out when things got tough because of the …. embargoes … (a.k.a., “Sanctions.).

So here we are in 2017 and reports tell us that The European Union (EU) has just once again approved sanctions originally directed at Russia … sanctions that had been set to expire on last Friday (Or a few Fridays ago whichever comes first and whichever most aptly describes the truth) — and the EU-approved sanctions against Russia have now been extended to at least June 23, 2018 according to the reports I have been reading.

So for those who believe that Russia has reacted to these sanctions by wetting their collective drawers let me say that there are other reports out there saying that the Russian Economy is expected to hit an upward trend in much of 2017 despite a lot of Western Nations trying to punish the Russians for what they have seen as aggressive interference in the affairs of Ukraine as well as support for the Syrian Dictator, Bashar Assad.

But all things considered there are experts in the field who are saying that the Russian Economy will be in much better shape during 2017 than it was at the start of 2016 when oil prices worldwide were so low …. and all this leads me to one conclusion:

Despite all the sanctions against Russia, I think Russian President, Putin is still laughing at those who think such actions are superlative in their effects because it looks to me like no matter what happens the Russian Economy keeps grinding along … steadily gaining despite all the crap thrown at them by dissenting powers.

As to sanctions and their effects, I have not heard too many stories about mass starvation occurring in North Korea either but I suspect that some of it is going on but regardless the regime still seems to find the money to develop their missile systems and their nuclear capabilities and that is a little bit scary to me.

I am not sure of the extent of the impact any sanctions on Russia might have on the American Economy because the last time I looked at this question Russia was listed as our 32nd most important trading partner — and that is way down on the list if you ask me.

This seemed to mean that our trade with Russia at the time was well below 1% of our total trade with all the nations of the world and we cannot forget that in 2011 the Russian Economy started going into a recession so that leads me to wonder whether the so-called sanctions actually had any significant effect that was not offset by the recessionary trend of the Soviet Economy at the time.

From the pictures I have seen of parades on Red Square none of the world’s sanctions seem to have done a darned thing to lessen the Russians’ Military capabilities and the last time I looked I thought I read that Russia was on a massive campaign to build its Military up substantially — something that I have long argued that The United States needs to be doing as well  … but something the moron elements in Washington seem to be dead set against for whatever the reason.

While I am on this subject I would like to make a wry sly suggestion that all the sanctions in the world don’t seem to be doing a damned thing to stop the forward progression of the Military armaments buildup going on in North Korea either so I am wondering what the hell the use of such sanctions against NK is anyway?

Somebody who is far more versed in world politics than I am is going to have to come on here and explain a lot of this to me and at the same they are going to have to also explain why I should be concerned about any of this stuff … or what effect any of this is going to have on the futures and fates of the average American Working Class Voter.

I am kind of moving toward the notion that if we are going to be using sanctions as a weapon then there should be no such thing as “Partial” sanctions. I believe that if we are going to use sanctions as a weapon that all sanctions should be total and permanent until the desired effect is achieved and that all sanctions should go for the jugular from their very inception …. a sort of “Shock and Awe” of the world of Economic Retaliations.

The U.S. Government has their “Nuclear Option” to get bills passed through the legislation branch with the least possible hassle and in the same vein of thinking I believe sanctions against errant nations should also take on the characteristics of being “Nuclear” in nature … totally destructive of economic advantage for the targeted regimes …but at the same time also totally reversible should the targeted regimes see the light and recant of their perceived sins against the world community.

There is my little “Egg Headed” offering for this morning for whatever it is worth to whoever is reading.


I Am Shifting Emphasis For News Resources For This Blog

Today marks the day I begin a new experiment in gathering source material for posts on this blog. — I am shifting my emphasis and dependence on American Main Stream Media for materials to Global Resources from various other countries around the world.

I am doing this because I sense that there is a growing mistrust of American Main Stream News reporting and a growing sense that more and more Americans are resorting to foreign news sources and alternative news sources in a quest to be better informed and more accurately informed.

I will try this as an experiment for awhile to see if I can cut through some of the “Fog” that often goes along with news reports here on the Continental United States and this will be my attempt to come across as more accurate and more credible when I am blogging something that is not 100% personal opinion …. a rare occurrence indeed but one I feel must be more carefully administered as a courtesy to my millions of loyal and devoted fans.

This decision will be either a total disaster or a wonderful success but no matter what I feel a duty to my readers to embark on this journey at least for the time being.