Free Ride Ending For The Welfare Leeches:
And some of the most senile of the Democrats are calling the move to put welfare leeches to work for their stipends “Cruel.” Dumb asses all!

As White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told Congress recently, “If you’re on food stamps and able-bodied, we need you to go to work.”

Where has Mr. Mulvaney been all these years? We have needed somebody like him on board for a long long time!

And the Dumb-O-Crud commies and socialist welfare-freak-ass-kissing cog sluggers think that is just the most horrific, cruel and unusual thing they have ever heard!


I happen to know at least one useless, fat and stupid POS who once bragged to me, “I will never punch a time clock for as long as I live because I know how ‘The System’ works.”

I am glad the government is finally getting some common sense about freeloading welfare leeches and I couldn’t be happier that we now have a president who is actually willing to do something about their sorry asses.

No work-ee, no eat-ee asswads! Get over it! Your day has come!


Post No. 107

I heard something today that made my knees buckle with laughter and I have no idea of whether it is true or not:

I heard that a high-level Russian Official has spilled highly-classified secret Russian intelligence information to President Trump.

Can you believe this shit?

I can’t wait to see what Lame Stream Media does with this one!

I can’t wait to see what the weak-eyed little hump-backed worms with inch-thick glasses from Liberal Land do with it either!

Post No. 106

I guess that tomorrow I will be making old fashioned ham salad. The versions that I can buy at the supermarket are getting much too fancy now and are nothing much like the ones I ate as a child when things were so much simpler.

I have been using subliminal weight loss audio tracks and video tracks to see if they will help me with my crazy eating addictions and maybe help to lose a pound or two. So far since I began I have actually gone down from 244 pounds to 234.8 and that is something — that is good — I shall continued and see how it all works out. I find the videos on you tube.

Finding a decent restaurant to eat in is getting to be more and more of a hassle these days and the ones that you think are going to be great experiences are often less that you expect when you walk through the door.

My last steak was barely a quarter-inch thick and was “Smothered” in about Three tablespoons of some kind of brown salty sauce that passed for gravy and the onions were nothing but matchstick-sized slivers of parboiled onion and there were only about 11 of these wormy-looking little things on the steak. I picked them off one by one with a fork and laughed my ass off everytime I ate one.

The mashed potatoes were definitely compacted like as if they had been previously frozen and thawed out … not at all like the light, airy, fluffy potatoes that I had gotten that this particular restaurant before.

We waited until it was almost time to pay the bill before anyone ever thought to come back to our table and ask us if we wanted more coffee or refills on our drinks and the check never did come to the table. We had to go to the cashier and explain in detail each item that each of us had ordered and she finally got it all figured out and we paid and left.

This was not your average fast fooder either …. This was a meat and potatoes, full meal, full menu family style restaurant that used to be top of the line but has since begun to slowly become something other than what it was at one time a long long time ago.

One of the employees did tell us the restaurant was cutting back on the help and that they were short-handed. I could tell. The service was lousy to non-existent! I called the corporate headquarters of the chain and got the boilerplate apology and assurance they were interested in customer satisfaction.

I looked on a rating website and found out that I am not the only customer complaining about this outfit. It is a pity too because they were once one of the best.



Shocking Details About Terrorism Revealed By DHS Head

I have put up with total idiots from the Left Wing side of Politics telling me for years now that there is no need to live in fear because of global terrorism and the same ass wads have also been accusing me of fear mongering whenever I post a blog post talking about how damned dangerous Radical Islamic Terrorism is and how it could someday become a common occurrence right here at home in The United States.

Now that I have watched and listened to the grisly stories of the evils being done around the world by Radical Islamic Terrorists and after I have endured the ridicule of the assholes who would rather keep their head in the sand than to admit there is a problem that could explode at any moment in America, I hear reports that the very head of The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has given an interview on a major television network where he tells somebody that the terror threat is worse than most realize, saying some people would “never leave the house” if they knew the truth.

I guess that should take care of the ignorant Lefty fools who like to chastise me about these things …. Here it is straight from the horse’s mouth —


Of course my next step will be to sit back and listen to the Left Wing ostriches who love to live with their heads in the sand or up their ass come on here and tell me what a fear mongerer I am or to tell me that I am being irresponsible by spreading fear … blah, blah, but before they make the effort let me say that I don’t give a shit what any of them say anymore … the god damned terror threat is real — those who are in the know are saying so and if Americans know what is good for them I think they had better be listening to those who know and take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones whenever they go out into the streets.

Enough said for now.


Caution Is Helpful Sometimes

I read the story just a minute ago about two people who died after having their throats cut on a passenger train by a guy yelling racial slurs at a couple of young Muslim women.

It seems that when the guy with the knife started yelling the racial slurs at the two Muslim women the victims attempted to ¬†… intervene.

Here is my opinion:

If I see some idiot on the train or a bus or a plane or a sidewalk or a street or a yard or in a park or any damned place screaming angrily at anybody … anybody at all … I am going to mind my own damned business and get the hell out of there as soon as my legs will carry me.

I might dial 911 and report the incident if I have the time … but getting away is going to be my first priority and I am never ever going to stick my nose into something like that because you never know how crazy somebody is or whether they will kill you just for speaking to them or not.

Yes, I am a total pussy when it comes to what other people are doing … unless they are trying to do it to me and then that is another story entirely … because I do go prepared to defend myself whenever I go anywhere.

“Intervening” is not my strong suit because as this story illustrates “Intervening” can have unhappy outcomes.

“Let somebody else be the good Samaritan” is my philosophy.

On the other hand, maybe somebody ought to tell Muslim women who are citizens of The United States about their Second Amendment rights.

OOPS – Wrong address…

Source: OOPS – Wrong address…

Note from John at “John Liming.Blog:” —– I am “Pressing this from “Partnering With Eagles” because I think it is extreme illustrative of some of the problems with drugs, illegal alien immigrants, border security, drug cartels and the whole damned mess that America should be paying to while the Dim-O-Cruds are trying to divert their attention with a little circus side showing of their own ….. This article from “Partnering With Eagles” needs to be read as widely as possible by as many people as possible ……onward ——

Classified Smassified — Asswads Prattle On And Say Nothing!

So the President met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the Oval Office where the ass cadre of the socialist Left in America are contending he divulged highly classified information about ISIS and the anti-Trump drumbeat has been growing louder ever since.

Everybody knows that this is not “News,” is in fact “Fake News” and is designed to undermine the image, the influence, the effect and the authority of The President of The United States and is a product of the demented mind of the masters of confusion and dysfunction that we all know as “The Dim-Bulb-O-Crud” party — a sleazy bunch whose overall goal seems to me to be more on the order of destroying the nation rather than seeing the President be successful in anything he tries to do.

A fake and phony scandal created by a fake and phony bunch of political hacks — nothing more, nothing less!

I wonder why nobody was shitting their pants when The Obama Administration leaked highly classified information? — ( READ ABOUT THAT ONE HERE.)

The reason that nobody is talking about those Obama leaks is because they are focused on trying to get rid of President Trump and it would serve no purpose to talk about what went on under their own corrupt time in control. That’s the kind of hypocrites they are — have always been and will always be.

I can almost hear the stuff-assed little squint-eyed Lib worms coming on here to inform me about how different Obama’s actions were from the ones they are alleging against our President. And when the squint-eyed, fat-faced¬†little trolls do come on here with that bullshit I hope they can see my extended middle finger and hear my admonition, “Bite me in the ass, morons!”

Did anybody in the Clinton Administration mishandle any kind of classified information …. ever? …( READ ABOUT THAT ONE HERE.)

“When Democrats mishandle classified information, they are earnest progressives who understandably suffer the occasional lapse while struggling to make the international community a better place. When Republicans do it, they are incompetent morons.”

Read more at:

And when the Demo-Creeps prattle on and on about this stuff then once again I hope they can hear my invitation to place their lips tenderly around —-(Fill in the blanks for yourself.).