Lately I have been blogging from a more or less Centrist Conservative perspective having once been a confirmed incorrigible Left Wing Liberal Democrat.

But I am and always have been an Independent Blogger and my views about things can change rapidly with the shifting political scene.

If a Liberal says something that makes sense to me then I am more liable to embrace what the Liberal has to say than not ….. and if a Conservative says something that makes sense to me I am just as liable to embrace the Conservative as well.

But if either one of them betray me or if I feel betrayed by either ideology then I am also just as liable to raise hell with either or both of them because ….. I am my own man ….. I hold America to be more important than any political party or idealistic ideological agenda.

If this sometimes gives the appearance of flip-flopping on some issues then that is just too damned bad because I am a man with strong feelings about things and if I find out that the pet rat I bought and thought was so affectionate and loving bites me on the thumb then I am just as liable to get rid of the rat and look for something else.

Yes, “Independent.”

I am stubbornly Independent!