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Wedding Cake Bakers In Mississippi Can Rest Easy Now

I remember reading a story some time ago about some cake baker somewhere —– I don’t remember where —– being forced to pay a big fine for discrimination and had to shut down their business completely because they had refused to bake a cake for a queer couple wanting to get married and there was this big nationally-reported mess about discrimination and LGBT rights and so on and so forth. —– It got ugly and it got boring because that is all that was on the news for a long time —– or so it seemed to me.

In one of the most notorious religious liberty cases in recent years, Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, were found guilty of discrimination in 2013 of for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple because it violated the tenets of their Christian faith. —– ( Breitbart)

Well now it seems that a federal appeals court —– remember federal appeals courts? They are the courts that think they have replaced the Executive and Legislative Branches of The United States Government —– It seems that The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals down in Mississippi reversed another judge’s decision that had originally allowed people refusing to service the LGBT Community on religious grounds to be prosecuted for discrimination —– and now —– according to the way I read this thing —– The cake bakers (and possibly other service industries as well) are free once again to adhere to their moral convictions and refuse to serve the demands made on them for services from the “Gays.”

I guess there is still hope for religious freedom in America.

Did I mention that the Queer Community and their bleeding heart support groups are demonstrating all over Mississippi right now? —- Bwahahahaha!

I guess there is a possibility still left that the religious people in this country can have just as many rights as anybody else —– and I find that to be a refreshing and encouraging development. —– While I am on this subject, I am sure there are no shortages in the number of Gay Bakers and other Gay Service Providers who could serve the needs of the Gay Community without all the “Block Busting” that has been going on around the country.

I thought this was kind of juicy so here is some more on it — (CLICK ON THIS LINK).

Before somebody reads this and gets their nuts in a twist because they think that I am prejudiced against LGBT People let me tell you that it is not the LGBT People that I do not approve of. It is not the people but it is the things they do and the things they stand for and the model they present to our youth here in America. Those are the things that I do not approve of but not the LGBT People themselves.

I happen to believe that LGBT People are born as LGBT People through no fault of their own but that the things that some of them practice are an abomination before God. But that is my personal belief and since we are doing “Beliefs” and “Religion” and “Religious Rights” here, I will share my own belief with you all.

And oh by the way —– I am not talking through my ass about something that I know nothing about here because I have a family member —– a close family member —– a member who was originally born as a son and who now thinks of himself/herself/itself as a daughter ….. so I do have some experience with this stuff ….. unfortunately …..

I fully support the rights of the LGBT People but not to the extent that they encroach on the rights of somebody else. I have always been a guy who has said, “Rights for everybody or rights for nobody!”

So if the religious at heart feel it is against their religion to serve the needs of the Gay Community then let them alone in their beliefs and let them be free in their consciousness before their idea of God but do not force them to go against their traditional belief system just for the sake of political correctness.

I am sure the LGBT Community can find many service businesses to fill their needs without causing trouble for the Religious Community.

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I was reading an article about “Street Prostitution” going on in Miami, Florida and I am trying to make up my mind right now as to whether or not I want to go on down there for a couple of days!

I am lying of course —– I ain’t going nowhere looking for something that if I wanted it I could find it right here in the big city near where I live. —– The problem is that at my age I ain’t wantin’ it anymore.

But there are some claims that “The Escort Business” is pretty big down there and, according to some of the locals, so are the problems of violent crime and drug use. But then when you think about it, drug use and violent crime are getting to be a problem almost everywhere these days —– especially because of radical islamees all pissed off about not being able to get free designer jeans and cell phones from their host governments — Bwahahahaha!!

It hasn’t been all that long ago since a crack house explosion created two or three crispy critters pretty near where I live. —– It has been months since that explosion now and the police tape is still up on the property like it happened just yesterday. —– It is kind of spooky to drive past the site.

Apparently one of the problems with hookers, escorts and what have you in the Miami area is that a lot of them turn out to be undercover cops. —– That is reportedly causing some consternation among the “Johns” down there according to all the reports I have read. —– But there are people who claim to be able to sort the real hookers out from the cops and I have always wondered how that is supposed to work but I have been told that you can always tell a police person because male policemen tend to prefer to wear white socks. —– I don’t know if there is any truth to that old wives tale or not but I thought I would throw it in here for good measure.

I have also heard reports that some of the Miami locals are complaining about too many women running around on the beaches topless. —– I am not sure that if this is really happening whether it would be a boon or a bust to the Tourist Trade or to Family Vacations but some awfully moral parents are complaining that their young children might actually catch site of a tit running around on the beaches and I suppose the big concern here might be that the kids will be ruined for life if they catch site of some part of a human body while playing on the white sands of the local beaches.

Now there is every possibility that every word of this discussion is fantasy. —– I do not know —– I cannot know because I haven’t been to South Florida in many years. —– I always thought it was too much like a greenhouse in the Summertime and I never had any occasion to visit there during the Winter months except for the one time back in 1978 when I took the family to Orlando for a couple of days and I never saw anything untoward going on during that time.

I have one cousin who lives down there and she seems to be contented in her oversized Florida mansion no matter what goes on around her.

I am not sure whether we have prostitution here where I live or not unless there might be some of it going on in the church that I stopped going to about Seven years ago now. —– The church where the deacon asshole told me that he wasn’t going to tolerate any of my Liberal nonsense in “His” church. I have abandoned being a Liberal since then but I have not gone back to that church because I went there for Nine years after I converted and no priest,pastor or preacher-type ever even offered to play with my leg or anything and I got thoroughly disgusted with the whole damned mess.

Post # 110

If you are getting a little older now —– or if you are getting a lot older now —– or if you feel like you are getting to damned old now —– let no one kid you ….. exercise is getting to be a lot harder now!

I find I am not having the energy to get up and go like I used to do so I am telling people, “My get up and go has got up and gone.”

So for the past couple of days I have been forcing myself to get out of the house and go for a long walk/jog/run before the Sun gets too high in the morning sky because I find that doing a lot of physical exercise in the heat is not the thrill it once was.

Now after the run/walk/jog is done I find I am a lot more tired afterward than was the case a mere two or three years ago and I find myself napping a lot throughout the day. Maybe I have to build back up or something or maybe I have to face the fact that I simply cannot do the things I once could do the same way I used to do them and I gotta tell you that realization sucks majorly!

I think I will try three eggs alongside a cup of edameme for breakfast this morning. Maybe I will dust off the bicycle again and try some of that later on in the day — after the sun begins to wane …. perhaps at about 6:00 this evening or something. — I passed this old fart on his bicycle yesterday and he must have known me because he yelled, “How come you aren’t riding your bike anymore?”

I wanted to yell back, “Because I am getting too damned old to ride my bike anymore asshole!” —– But I didn’t!

This is Friday, June 23, 2017 and I was surprised to open up the blog and discover that there hadn’t been a solitary visitor yet this morning …… It would seem reasonable that somebody somewhere around the Globe would have chimed in already this morning but alas —— nothing —– no one —– nada!

I haven’t been hearing anybody complaining about NASA surveillance lately so maybe either none of it is happening anymore or people have gotten used to the idea that the government is watching them and they have decided it doesn’t do any good to complain and so they have decided to shut the fuck up —– or something.

Whatever happened to the bullshit about Hillary Clinton and her e-mails? —– I guess that isn’t such a big deal with a lot of people anymore either! —– There was a time not too long ago when I thought that Hillary Clinton’s e-mails were the most important thing since the discovery of male enhancement drugs but it all seems to have died down now. WTF is up with that?

I haven’t heard a word about Trey Gowdy and Darryl Issa and any of their investigations lately either. —– Are their investigations done now? —– What was the conclusion of that famous “Benghazi” investigation? —– Why isn’t it important anymore? —– Where is the rage that once attended the Benghazi investigation?

There was a point in time a couple of years ago when all the Conservatives on the Internet seemed to be intent on their fears that President Obama was going to send the Troops door to door and collect all the privately-owned guns in America too. —– But the Troops did not go door to door collecting all the privately-owned guns and the Obama Nazification of America didn’t happen like the right wing was screaming that it would —- Whatever happened to the FEMA Camps that we were all going to be sent to and that everybody was complaining about ….. those secret prisons up in the wastelands of Alaska and everywhere ….. what happened to all those things —– The train cars designed to carry masses of humanity to detention camps under Obama —- What happened to all that stuff?

Are the Obama Care “Death Panels” still intact? —– Do you know of anybody who fell victim to an Obama Care Death Panel? —– Whatever went with the death panels?

Why is it no more popular to talk about how the Twin Towers of The World Trade Center were taken down by demolition techniques instead of by airliners crashing into them? —– I remember the time when there was little else on the Internet except for the talk about how the 9/11 attacks were an “Inside Job” —– Why has that seemed to have left the American sphere of interest? —— Have we forgotten that the Radicalized Terrorist Muslims murdered 3,000 Americans on that fateful day? —— Maybe our new sense of political correctness forbids us from remembering those 3,000 souls —– or something.

I am ranting again so I better shut up until something else comes along to bitch about.


I do not know what to think of the new Republican health care bill but I do know that some people are calling it “The first step in a new and massive redistribution of wealth from those who struggle to keep a roof over their heads, food on their tables and clothes on their backs to those who already have most of the good things this world has to offer … “The stinking rich” — and that the devil is in the details.

Part of the angst is over the fact that the Republicans want to cut almost a Trillion dollars from Medicaid over the next few years and it is the Medicaid program that provides needed health care services for the indigent, the disabled and the working poor of the country.

Who are the “Working Poor?”

The “Working Poor” are those who didn’t pay much attention to their futures while still in high school and who played around not taking much care to provide themselves with the education they would need to get really great jobs once they were forced into the Labor Market and who ended up dreaming about how they were going to live the good life by flipping hamburgers or cleaning somebody else’s toilets.

So they struggle every day at low-paying jobs for employers who don’t really care whether they live or die and they cannot afford to buy health insurance for themselves and their loved ones and so they suck at the tit of the Government through the Medicaid Program — one of the greatest taxpayer supported give-away programs ever designed by the human mind.

One of the most disturbing features of the new Republican health care bill then is the fact that it in essence tells the mentally-challenged who are in desperate need of medical attention they often can barely afford or that they cannot afford at all, “We are taking your health care away from you but go ahead and feel free to go out and buy as many automatic weapons as you can beg, borrow or steal the money to do so.”

In the event you have a loved one in a nursing home and you or the loved one are not paying the outrageous monthly tab for nursing home care, you might be pleased if I remind you that almost Two Thirds of people who are in nursing homes today are getting their “Rent” and their “Care” (Read that as “Neglect” in too many cases) paid for by — Medicaid! (Taxpayers.).

So there is now a general suspicion “Out There” that what is being unleashed in Washington today is not a “Health Care” bill at all but is nothing more or less than just another Republican “Tax Cut For The Rich” ….. a tax cut easily financed by slashing Medicaid for millions of society’s most vulnerable citizens.

So I guess there are two ways of looking at what is happening here, folks:

The new health care bill is either something that will allow people to get better health care for themselves and their loved ones by providing more access to needed care and more choice in the care chosen — or it is a way to get undeserving social offal off the taxpayers’ backs by slashing the hell out of the biggest government giveaway in History.

This begs the question, “Is it really the responsibility of government to provide health care to the masses?”

Some people would answer that question with, “Show me in the Constitution where it says government is responsible for providing health care to the citizens.”

Some people would counter that with “Show me in the Constitution where it does not say government is responsible for providing health care to the citizens.”

My opinion?

My opinion is that hordes of people are about to get the biggest screwing of their lives and they will respond by going out into the streets and act like angry apes for awhile …. protesting … screaming …. yelling … cursing …. complaining …. marching …. maybe even breaking a few windows or something …. but in the end they will finally shut their mouths and accept what is happening and settle down and try to make the best of their situation …. the same as it always goes in America! …. Same shit, different day!

Disabled And Sick Health Care Bill Protesters Being Dragged Away From McConnell Office

People in wheel chairs and others protesting the passage of the new Republican Medicaid-strangling health care measure ….. a measure that was designed to replace failed Obama Care ….. have been filmed being dragged from their protest demonstrations in front of Senator Mitch McConnell’s Capitol Hill office — sometime today!

I have yet to see any of the protesters being billy clubbed or sprayed with tear gas and mace but I would not be surprised if it were to happen before all this is over.

I guess the problem in the eyes of some of these protesters is that they are convinced the newly passed Republican health care bill will strip away significant Medicaid benefits from the disabled of America and from some people who simply would not be able to live if they lose their Medicaid benefits.

If there is any truth to that fear then I think I could agree that the protesters have a point. — And I did read somewhere that the President has his eye on cutting $800 billion or million or whatever dollars from Medicaid over a period of time and I can see where that might cause some needy people to sit up at night and worry about what they would do if their Medicaid was suddenly gone.

As for this blogger — that would be me — I turned Independent a long time ago after having been a rabid Liberal for most of my years so I can raise hell with the right wing now because while Medicaid is an awfully expensive program to administer — and I have no idea of what an adequate and less expensive alternative would be — it still galls my ass to see millions of Fellow Americans health put into jeopardy by what was once described by the President as “A Mean Bill” and now is looking more to me all the time like whatever replaced it is meaner still.

I read this pitiful description of some of the action at the Capitol today on “The Independent:”

“One person being rolled out by a police officer called out, “Don’t mess with my Medicaid!” Another walked out of the officer with her hands tied behind her back, followed closely by an officer.

Yet another was pulled from her chair by police officers trying to remove her from the area.”

Did I mention that it also galls my ass to see Fellow Americans being manhandled by police for participating in a peaceful demonstration inside the very building where thier elected representatives are supposed to be taking care of business on their behalf?

You really have to read about this shit in order to appreciate what is happening:

Read the related article — ( RIGHT HERE.)

Well folks, I have now seen this demonstration beginning at the doors of Congress — What I am waiting for now is to see how it translates itself to the streets.

Stay tuned to see where “Trump Care” goes from here.

Should there even be such a thing as a government in the health care business?

There are pros and cons to the question and I have found some of those pros and cons on another website in case you are interested enough to study the question from a truly balanced and independent viewpoint —– ( READ THE PROS AND CONS HERE. )

I do understand that Medical Care costs are getting out of control in America these days and something has desperately and definitely got to be done to bring the costs to taxpayers under control but is this kind of Orwellian cutting really the best answer?

O.K., so now we see that “The Thing” has come forth and showed its ugly face and people are getting a whiff of the foulness of it but wait! It’s not over! There are still a lot of Republican Senators who are so opposed to this thing because they think it still retains too much of the much-hated Obamacare that they have announced the possibility that they might still vote against it —- ( YOU CAN READ THAT ONE HERE.)

So tell me, dear readers — are people jumping the gun here or is this question about health care such a tragic mess that it might never be fixed and there might never be a health care bill in America that people can agree on?

Can you see how fair I am trying to be about all this noise and confusion?



Post # 110 (Terror By Any Name Is Terror Just The Same)

The pubic airwaves are aflame this morning with many people expressing unending agonies over the murder of a young woman who was reported to have been killed by a terrorist on the way to a worship or prayer service somewhere. — If I am not mistaken the young victim was Muslim. — I believe the news media identified the young victim as a teen-aged Muslim girl.

So I am listening to this and I am thinking to myself, “So all of a sudden it is necessary to mention the religion of the victim of a terrorist attack?

I mean when the terrorists are radical Islamists isn’t it customary for the news media to refuse to identify the ethnicity of the attackers for the sake of political correctness?

Before some of you left wads come on here an inform me, “Oh I can point out instances where the media identified Islamic Radicals as the source of one terror attack or the other” let me say that Liberals can always come up with some lame assed form of a “Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda-Mighta” diversion to cover a situation they do not feel comfortable confronting.

So if that if your thing this morning …If you are a Lib and you plan to tell me shit like that save your breath. I ain’t buying it!

Next — I heard someone on the radio asking the question (Now pay attention for the next couple of sentences because this is important), “How is it that an innocent teen-ager can be walking down a street with her friends one minute and be dead from an attack by a terrorist the next minute?”

I actually heard some idiot asking that question!

Alright, so if we are going to ask asshole questions like the aforementioned, then let me ask one of my own:

“How is it possible that a group of innocent revelers can be sitting peacefully in a cafe in Paris, France — having drinks — conversing and laughing and having a good time and be dead from a terrorist attack the next minute?”

I mean if that kind of idiotic question applies to one situation I am pretty sure that it has to apply to all situations — right?

I guess terrorists come in different flavors these days.

I guess we have arrived at a time in History when we will be hearing about terrorist attacks by radical Muslims against Infidels and we will be hearing about terrorist attacks by radicalized Infidels against Muslims.

I mean wouldn’t that be the normal pattern of progression for something as sick and degenerate and perverted as terrorism by whatever the name?