I could go on for hours about grilled chicken breasts because they are one of my favorite foods and it is the time of year when I can fire up the old stone barbecue on the back patio and go to town!

The idea is to prepare the breasts before cooking by sticking a few hundred tiny holes in them with a special tenderizing tool that fairly bristles with needles and works on a hand-held, spring-loaded mechanism. Ask about this tenderizing tool at your favorite upscale kitchen equipment supply store.

Then before cooking the breasts I like to use something I get at the local supermarket called “Emeril’s Essence.”

Before I continue I have to tell you that I am not being compensated in any way for mentioning the brand name, “Emeril’s Essence” but I am talking about it because it is my favorite seasoning for chicken and steaks and chops and soups and stews. —– I think it adds a real 5-star chef quality to almost everything and so I use it when I barbecue chicken breasts.

I cook my chicken breasts over the coals — or over the gas when I use the gas-fired grill for about 5 to 8 minutes per side depending on their weight and thickness …. It is always best to test at about the half way mark.

Of course I love sauce with my grilled chicken so I use my favorite Chinese-style “General Tso’s-style” dipping sauce and this iconic sauce comes in many brands and varieties but I always try to get one as close to the original flavor as possible.

One of the reasons I like grilled chicken breast so much is because it is low in calories and helps me to maintain or lose weight when I am in the mood to lose or maintain. I believe an 8-ounce breast is about 400 calories if I am not mistaken.

One of the best things I can think of to do after a nice grilled chicken breast with some grilled onions and red potato chunks is to find a nice place on a porch and take a nap.


Now in my book that is what living is all about.