I guess all the idiots who wanted to give Roger Ailes a hard time are going to have to find something else to consume their lusts for fame and fortune.

It’s 5:15 in the morning here and there is a thunderstorm outside and I feel comfortable inside my extensive expensive cocoon here.

I see all the really important people in the world and the ones with the soaring intellectual capabilities who frequent my blog have not as yet digested all the exponential wisdom of what I have set to print here yet so I will patiently await their offerings of encouragement and enthusiasm because I know they are coming because the faithful, the true and the pure are who reads this blog and they are the ones who sustain me in my endeavors to live a bright and cheerful life. So I await their ministrations of verbal comfort because I know they will surely come.

To the rest of the world — to those who somehow have missed out on what it takes to appreciate the absolute excellence of my pronouncements I say, “Good Morning, Bitches!”

I read a statement on a blog somewhere this morning where some American Patriotic-type wrote concerning the present difficulties of President Trump, “If he has committed a crime he needs to go down.”

That is all well and good but in all fairness I would like to suggest that when someone makes a statement like that they should include the obvious, “If he hasn’t committed a crime then people should leave him the fuck alone” too.

When people talk about the possibilities of Trump committing a crime and the need for prosecution in such an event … I get so red around the neck and so hot under the collar because I remember another administration somewhere between 2000 and 2008 where a lot of people were talking about a lot of crimes being committed and there wasn’t a single prosecution for any of the so-called crimes including the possible war crimes that came with our entry into the Iraq War — and other such instances.

Be that as it may it is all politics and everybody with the common sense to hold their dick while urinating should know that politics is a messy business and that it requires a certain mentality to deal with the subject and most Americans haven’t got a clue … I call the vast majority of Americans, “The Great Clueless Horde” when it comes to understanding what is happening in Washington these days … or any day for that matter.

I am working from the depths of a new blog theme this morning …. a theme entitled, “Big Brother.”

I believe the new theme is appropriate and appropriately named and is right for the times we are living in.