If You Care About A Free And Open Internet — So What? — I Think We Are Screwed!

As things are developing the Federal Communications Commission is trying very hard to make sure it will be your cable company or your phone company who will control what you can and cannot do on the Internet.

Up until now you could control what you do on the Internet yourself but the newly developing rules being pushed by the FCC are going to change all that and make users subject to whatever the providers want.

In other words, folks, your free and open use of the Internet is now in mortal jeopardy and in the end the only benefit to having the Internet will be reserved for the pleasure and profit of the cable companies, the phone companies and the wireless broadband companies.

You need to read about this but I think you also need to know that since individual Americans no longer have much say about what their elected officials do there isn’t much — if anything — that you are going to be able to do to stop this tyrannization of The World Wide Web and I think the best course for all of us is to just STFU about it, suck it up and do the best we can do with whatever is left to us.


Read it and weep folks.

7 thoughts on “If You Care About A Free And Open Internet — So What? — I Think We Are Screwed!

  1. I feel comfortable knowing that there are still folks with determination to persevere in the face of impossible odds. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I think you’ll find that most people won’t just grin and take it without a fight. There are well over 800 internet-based companies that are opposed to repeal of the 2015 FCC laws. Once Google, Microsoft, and others get on board with opposition, it’s only a matter of time before it goes viral. The repeal of these laws, supported by ISPs mostly (and the politicians they own), are very bluntly doing what it is their own best interests. The Internet community has three months to get enough support where a vote in favor of repeal is political career suicide. On the slim chance that they actually repeal the laws, you’ll find that ISPs that openly oppose it will reap the benefits of those boycotting the larger ISPs. I personally have three ISPs in my area and one that has already gone on record they will never throttle or restrict bandwidth traffic for any paying customer even after a repeal. The other two, well, they wouldn’t get my business. I know some aren’t as lucky and don’t have anything but a single choice. We should all have unrestricted Internet access; it’s worth fighting for!

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