Shortly I am going to be adding a reblog of a great article from a great blogger, “Cry and Howl” talking about how it looks like some of what passes for the American Media is out to bring down the Trump Administration no matter what the sacrifice in integrity is required — something that is becoming increasingly obvious to even the casual observer.

But before I do the reblog — which I heartily recommend to the attention of anybody who even has the least bit of care and concern for that is being done to America by some of the loudest of the intransigent, disloyal, envious, hate-mongering Left Wing Radicals —- the radicals who have somehow convinced a lot of the traditional Press to take up their cause — (It is not always the fault of Journalism or Journalists, folks) — Before I do the reblog, I wish to lift a few sentences out of the piece by “Cry and Howl” that I want to emphasize:

“What is equally troubling is how the media is allowed to get away with the crap they are “reporting” using  “un-named” or “speaking on condition of anonymity” sources.”

I personally recall — just a couple of days ago in fact — reading an article where a very large major American news organization admitted openly that they had not read a particular memo which was allegedly written to show evidence of something the President is alleged to have done …. something a lot of the media have been jumping on just like it was a verified quote from some reputable source …. but the giant news organization said openly that they had not read the memo in question themselves but that the information they were reporting on had been read to some reporter. In other words, second hand information. This revelation did not impress me because when I was in the news business back in the 50s and 60s we absolutely had to confirm and verify every scrap of information before we were allowed to present it as news. This is most disturbing to someone like me.

And we cannot ignore or forget this:

“Trying not to get too far off topic I have to acknowledge the fact that President Trump has from the beginning of his presidency known the media was out to get him.”

Actually friends, I noticed quite often — every day in fact — that even during the campaign all the coverage of the campaign seemed to be designed to elevate The Clinton Campaign and to make a joke out of The Trump Campaign. I think they were out to make sure he never got elected in the first place and then once he did I think they went into a state of shock that they have never yet recovered from.”

“I heard Rush Limbaugh the other day say that the media is the entity which is heading up Trump’s demise with the Democrats simply following and picking up their cues from what is reported in the news. I think Limbaugh is correct, because it’s on full display every day.”

Now folks I appreciate the work that Mr. Limbaugh has done over the years and I believe he is a great American patriot … even though I am not his biggest fan, I have to defend the principles that I think he stands for … American Principles …. Righteous Principles ….and if he is talking about the role of some of the Media in what is happening right now concerning The Trump Presidency then I am duty bound and obligated to tell you that I have to agree with him.

Now folks, if you have read this far then I suggest you head over to the website of “Cry and Howl” and read his most excellent article entitled, “Goal Of The Media: Destroy President Trump.