The Coup Is Well On The Way In Washington

If it happens it will not be an impeachment ….. it will be a coup ….. a coup by the almost communist Left Wing Establishment Bureaucracy and their Republican-In-Name-Only bed partners ….. the same sore losers that have been waiting for a chance to undo the Trump Presidency ever since the day he kicked their ass in the 2016 election.

Do you know what absolutely sucks about all this “Trump Is Trying To Give The Russians classified Information” shit?

What’s sickening about it to me is the fact that Obama tried the same thing and nobody said a damned word about it:

Bunkerville hits the ball out of the park on this one — ( RIGHT HERE FOLKS.)

These sons of bitches do not fool me for a minute. Their agenda to undo America, to destroy the government and to take over and institute their Left Wing Socialist tyranny is and has been all too obvious and that is what I believe they are trying to make President Trump the victim of.

As far as I am concerned everything else is eyewash and head chatter designed to impress, to distract and to pull the wool over the eyes of the everyday American — Americans like myself and the rest of those who do not live in ivory towers and gilded cages in the midst of the Washington pit of corruption.

9 thoughts on “The Coup Is Well On The Way In Washington

  1. I agree that the storm clouds are gathering for Trump, but cannot agree that there are ‘Communists’ behind it. I don’t know what your definition of a Communist is over there, but I can assure you that an American Democrat, (or liberal for that matter) is as far removed from Communism as it is possible to be.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Regardless of whether Trump is removed or not, the ball has started rolling and it’s past the point of being able to be stopped. We’ve watched this scenario play out in countries around the world, Greece and Egypt are two examples. It’s never good for the people that end up suffering for what the politicians have allowed to happen. Will it be enough to get people to see their true colors and start a government reboot in 2018 and continue in 2020? Will that actually be enough or are we too far removed from a government mirrored on the constitution?

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    • I am afraid that The American People are too involved in the quest for material self-gratification to care much about anything else. Go down the aisles of your nearest supere market and get a load of “The Average American Voter” draping off both sides of their motorized shopping carts with their buttocks dragging the ground on both sides of the machine. This is what we are dealing with and this is not the source for a new government.

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    • Americans need to awaken from their slumber because if they do not then they might find their hour is nigh unto their doors and the thief is descending from the night to break in a steal everything they ever held dear to their miserably sinning hearts.

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