If the Republicans have their way — and it looks like they are on their way to having their own way — The day will come when if you are a small political blogger on the Internet and you step on somebody’s toes ….. somebody who has a lot of power, clout and money ….. you might find your little blog being kicked off the Internet never to be seen or heard from again.

Maybe your little offensive blog won’t actually get kicked off the Web but it might get imprisoned in a small, hard to access little electronic cage somewhere way off in the deepest dungeons of the Internet where nobody can ever find it or if they do find it it will be by pure accident — or they will have to be damned lucky to find you.

I believe the days are coming — if the Republicans get what they want over at The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) — I believe the days are coming when your little $90-a-month broadband bill will become A Thousand dollars a month if you want to get any decent speed out of your connection or you can continue to pay for $90-a-month and get your Internet speed slowed down to a turtle’s pace …. because these are some of the nightmares that are being predicted by experts if the “Net Neutrality Laws” that have been protecting both the Internet and Consumers are screwed over by the new FCC Chair.

Oh do not worry, folks — Government and Big Business …. both of which can afford to pay outrageous sums for Internet speeds will have all the speed they want and all the space on the Internet they desire because they will be able to pay for it …. but ordinary people like you and me won’t be able to pay for it because the costs will skyrocket as greed sets in among the providers of such services and the shit will hit the fan for the little guy one more time.

Good luck with your precious little idea of the Internet as one of the last places where you can freely express what you are really feeling because there are clowns at the wheel in Washington who are working to take that little dream away from you even as I speak — as they “Rewrite and restructure the laws and rules that have governed Internet access ever since the beginning.

Yes, I sincerely believe the day of Big Brother Government having the last say about what is seen on the Internet is only a cough, a sneeze and a fart away right now and very soon — quicker than any of us can realize — it might all just dissolve like a dream disappearing on the morning mists of a summer morning.