Remember when Obama wanted to give the Russians our Missile Defense Codes??

I think the Trump haters probably remember this but I also think they would rather not be reminded of it because it tends to make their assumptive charges against President into the playground of Left Wing fools —-

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Recall a few short years ago, Obama cancels efforts for a missile Defense for Europe. Because, we had this restart thing that was working swell for Russia, not so much for the United States. How about our codes? No, I am not kidding you. I give you this from an old post of mine from 2014 – and Trump is inexperienced?
Wednesday, 7 March 2012
Why does The Obama Administration Want to Give Moscow our Missile Defense Codes?
The key is Obama has to make it look good that the  negotiations with Putin have paid off and that he has not been played for a fool.”
Reuters report on a Congressional hearing about the Obama Administration considering giving Putin’s Russia access to our Missile Defense Codes.

The Reuters report, “Obama mulls giving Moscow data on missile defense”  had these disturbing revelations from   testimony by   Deputy Assistant Defense…

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4 thoughts on “Remember when Obama wanted to give the Russians our Missile Defense Codes??

  1. I know, John… and if I were still in uniform I’d salute as well… but likely not the tears. In the end I will always trust in the Constitution.. as I know you do as well. We are both Americans.


  2. Apples and oranges, John. Two things here…
    (The Reuters report, “Obama mulls giving Moscow data on missile defense”)
    1. “Mulling” is not “giving”… or even making a singular decision. Hell.. if you were president, John, I am sure you’d “mull” over a lot of things, as anyone would. Just because the “mulling” became a Reuters newsworthy article doesn’t make “mulling” a whole lot to worry about. In fact, if Trump had done a little more “mulling” before Tomahawking on poor impulse control from a photograph, he might have come across a little more presidential. In the end no one seems to have given a shit that he did that.. including the guy he was trying to “punish”.
    2. To surmise that there was some logical line of progression from the Reuters article to sharing launch codes with anyone is a bit “fake news”, doncha think?
    (The Obama administration disclosed on Tuesday that it is considering sharing some classified U.S. data as part of an effort to allay Russian concerns about a controversial antimissile shield.)
    Does “sharing some classified data” equate to launch codes? Where did it say that? You honestly think any sitting president would literally share launch codes… which I severely doubt he/she could do anyway even if they wanted to given they change often enough…? More to the point… even IF Obama did share with the Russians our launch codes, you think the Russians would believe him or that the codes were real? Of course not.
    This goes back to the Reagan days when the Star Wars defense initiative was proposed. The Russians didn’t like that either.. and Reagan offered to share the technology in order to maintain strategic parity.. which made some sense. If you both can shoot down each other’s missiles from space.. then any strategic advantage evaporates. Turns out Star Wars tech was never a reality anyway.

    Not a very good comparison there, John… although I am not a Trump “hater”.. I surely don’t want him as MY president. Hmm.. I’m a Trump Disliker?

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    • When I was in the Uniform of the Military Services of The United States of America during the Vietnam Era I served under “The Commander In Chief” regardless of who he might have been and I served proudly and honorably and when those three helicopters went over I stood at attention and saluted and usually shed a few tears of pride. I trust the judgment of The American Voter and whoever is the President has my total support until such time as there is another President. I guess we each have our own way of looking at things and that is alright too. This is America and differences of opinion are allowed here.


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