When the Trump hating fellatio masters start screaming about how bad the Economy is now that impeachment fever is loosed in Washington I would like to take this opportunity to rub something back into their faces — something they always delight in reminding me about whenever I tell the world that what happens to the Stock Market is a bold indicator of a failing economy or a rising economy.

The intransigent SOBs — which accounts for about 99% of them — on the wannabe-Socialist Left love to inform me, “But John … The Stock Market has nothing to do with the economy! The true measure of the economy is … jobs!  … The Stock market don’t have a thing to do with it!”

So here’s my news this morning you assholes —- The declining stock market being reported this morning doesn’t have a god damned thing to do with President Trump’s present difficulties — Nothing! nada! zilch!

Suck on that for awhile!