Nothing To Do With “The Economy”

When the Trump hating fellatio masters start screaming about how bad the Economy is now that impeachment fever is loosed in Washington I would like to take this opportunity to rub something back into their faces — something they always delight in reminding me about whenever I tell the world that what happens to the Stock Market is a bold indicator of a failing economy or a rising economy.

The intransigent SOBs — which accounts for about 99% of them — on the wannabe-Socialist Left love to inform me, “But John … The Stock Market has nothing to do with the economy! The true measure of the economy is … jobs!  … The Stock market don’t have a thing to do with it!”

So here’s my news this morning you assholes —- The declining stock market being reported this morning doesn’t have a god damned thing to do with President Trump’s present difficulties — Nothing! nada! zilch!

Suck on that for awhile!

2 thoughts on “Nothing To Do With “The Economy”

  1. If the Stock Market is nothing to do with the economy, how do they explain the Wall Street Crash, or the huge European depression after 2008? They can’t have it both ways.
    Regards, Pete.


    • You can’t deal with the kind of mind who says such things because that kind of mind is more or less encased in plastic and is waiting for the trash bin … the trash bin from which it first managed to crawl onto dry land and expose its private parts to the nearest innocent observer.

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