Some communities in The American Southland have begun removing their Confederate monuments such as that depicting CSA President Jefferson Davis and a few others which have stood for ages without any upheavals being caused because of them.

Of course we all know that these little gestures are nothing more or less than somebody with a conscience trying to erase History. History cannot be erased. History lives in the minds and generations of the people who lived it and when the last Confederate monument has fallen to the hammer of the moralists then oral tradition will keep the events of the Civil War alive throughout the generations.

The next thing I expect to see is some dumb son of a bitch standing up in a public forum somewhere and demanding that all school textbooks containing any mention of slavery or of The Confederacy or of The Ante Bellum South be removed from the schools, and the public libraries and the shelves of booksellers and burned.

The South may have lost their immediate cause at the end of The Civil War but causes have a tendency to burn in the DNA of those who embrace them and because of this causes are never lost … they never die … they always find a way of resurfacing somewhere down the line.

Removing the icons of the CSA is fully as futile as trying to erase the memory of Roman cruelty by demolishing the Colosseum or of trying to erase the evils of the ancient Grecian Empire by blowing up The Parthenon. It makes for great Press and controversy but in the end it accomplishes nothing except for continuing the divisions among a People who ought to have been united a long long time ago.

While these people are demolishing their Confederate monuments do they also have plans to remove all traces from public view of the many Southern Governors and other civic notables who embraced the rights of The South to keep and maintain their segregated state?

While all this moralistic destruction is occurring is there any possibility that those behind the demolitions might also consider demolishing all the remaining reminders of American genocide against Her own Indigenous Peoples?

I believe that all this monument removal is going to do is make a few do gooders feel better about themselves but I also believe that it will do absolutely nothing else.

Passions are hard to subdue and those iconic monuments are constructed of 10% concrete and 90% generational passion.

Once out of physical view I believe these monuments and what they stood for will still live in the hearts and minds of real people and their generations yet to come.

By the way — who is paying for all this removal?  Taxpayers? Willing Taxpayers?