The theme I am using on this blog right now is called “Newsworthy” and like the name says, the theme is designed for newsy blogs — or as in the case of “John Liming,” a breezy uncouth little political opinion blog.

One of my current problems is that the state of politics in The United States has deteriorated to such an extent that I am not sure “Politics” per se is even worth discussing anymore because as I see things too many people are disengaged, don’t know or just don’t fucking care anymore what happens in and around … and to … America.

I have come to the conclusion lately that the country is so divided that we are living under a very real possibility that we will never see another President that does not get impeached for one reason or another because of the dissidence of one group or another.

We have what I fear is a continuing …. never-ending power struggle in this country that kind of reminds me of the old Proletariat vs the bour·geoi·sie commonly associated with the development and rise of the old Soviet Union before, during and after their “Revolutionary” period.

I think The United States might finally have arrived at what I think of as the “New Pre-Revolutionary” period of Her development ….. mostly because of having become too big, too diverse and too divided to sustain a credible pragmatic government anymore … and every sign that I have seen since the days of Reagan are more or less confirming these suspicions to me.

I saw the first stirrings of this irreparable division when I first heard the terms, “Neocon,” “Red States and Blue States” and “Soccer Moms.”

President Obama had some expressions that would lead a person to think that he favored a unified America but for whatever the reason his administration was unable to get control enough of the situation to effect that kind of unity — and we have been going down hill ever since.

But if I can’t hope to blog in defense of something then maybe I can be on the scene as what America once was goes through the agony of ripping Herself apart and maybe I can express my opinions of how we got to that point ….. I really do not believe it does any good anymore to offer solutions because it seems that nobody who has any kind of clout is really interested in solutions that do not result in total power for one agenda or the other …. I think the whole political scene in America has degenerated to a titanic diverse power struggle …. and I think it can only get uglier before it gets better.

I have never said words that I hope are wrong and off course with such intensity as those words that I just finished typing in the last sentence before this one.

I do not wish to be living in the twilight of the America that I knew and loved and served to defend.