Hello there, Mommies and Daddies and Little Kiddies everywhere:
Now that i have tried the sweet potato diet and failed miserably and now that I have tried the avocado diet and failed miserably and now that I have tried will power and failed miserably my next trip is — wait for it — wait for it —- “Subliminal Weight Control Videos” on You Tube!

I will let you know how it turns out.

We are waiting for the utility crew to come and install our new electronic “Smart Meter” — the one that is read from a moving vehicle instead of by a warm body tramping across your manicured lawn in full sight of the nearest vicious dog … or radical terrorist … or disgruntled home owner.

I have read reports where these things have mis-reported utility usage to the point that some customers have allegedly received doubled and even trebled bills and when the customer complains to the utility they are told, “The meter reading is accurate. If your bill has doubled or trebled then it is definitely your fault. Pay the bill or make arrangements to pay it off over time or get your utilities cut off!”

We shall see how this nightmare works out. It might not be a nightmare at all. It might be one of those rare cases of a big company with multimillion dollar profit expectations doing something nice for the convenience of their customers …. for a change. LOL.

I guess the neighborhood dogs are going to have to learn to chase rabbits instead of post office route personnel and utility meter readers. LOL.

Picture Credit: The dog image is from PIXABAY and is in the public domain as at the date of my posting it which date is 5/17/2017.