Do You Know Your Bloggers’ Rights?

How many people are hesitant to say what they really want to say on their blogs for fear of running afoul of Bloggers’ Rights or what they perceive as the lack of Bloggers Rights?

I have discovered that The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has a pretty good handle on all the information a blogger really ever needs to feel good about blogging freely and using their free speech online to express themselves.

Here is kind of an encapsulation of what the EFF says about Bloggers’ Rights:

Americans Fleeing To Other Countries Are Renouncing U.S. Citizenship

At first think you would imagine that Americans who get tired of their freedom and all their freebies and their cozy way of life in The United States — a condition that I definitely consider to be mental —– and who leave The U.S. to take up residence in foreign lands might consider renouncing their U.S. citizenship because of their dislike or their fear of President Trump (Trumpophobia.).

But according to all the reports I have read that is not the case at all.

According to all the reports I have read those former American Citizens who have fled to foreign climes and renounced their American Citizenship are doing it in order to escape the long arm of The Internal Revenue Service who has been chasing expatriates down ever since Obama reigned supreme and is collecting hefty sums of delinquent taxes from them.

In other words, those fleeing America to take up citizenship in other countries are renouncing their American Citizenship as a tax dodge.

You see,folks — back in 2012 old President Obama signed a law into being that requires foreign banks to tell The United States Treasury Department about American Citizens living in foreign countries.

Since most foreign countries tax individuals based on their legal residency status that kind of reporting becomes a bounty for the IRS!

The Americans run …. the foreign bank snitches on them to the American IRS and the IRS runs them down and collects what is due … and that is why a lot of these folks are renouncing their U.S. Citizenship — the payouts to the IRS can be substantial sometimes … sometimes running into the millions of dollars per case.

O.K., here is my recommended solution to the problem of expatriated Americans renouncing their citizenship in order to avoid taxes owed to The U.S.: “Once they renounce, make sure it is permanent and irrevocable!”

Once the American runs off to live in another country and renounces their U.S. Citizenship let us make sure that there is no way they can reclaim their renounced citizenship without having to go through the exact same process required of all immigrants who wish to enter The United States.

In other words, pass a law whereby any American willfully renouncing their American Citizenship immediately become foreigners themselves and if they want to return to The U.S., then treat them as Immigrants in every respect and subject them to the same laws and regulations that all immigrants must abide by if they wish to get into The United States legally.

If that is not a deterrent to some of the assholes then so be it! Let them remain foreigners if they so desire. America is better off without them!

That is my opinion of course.

I am sure there are a dozen other people whose opinions differ from mine and I am also pretty damned comfortable with the notion that very few ( If any ) of those folks with opinions different than mine will appear here to leave a comment or to register a “Like” to this article so … wtf … The expats who spit on America need to become foreigners and they need to remain foreigners because America has enough garbage to contend with as it is and doesn’t need any more!

The President Moves To Fix NAFTA Problems

I was watching the tv news tonight — something I rarely ever do anymore because you never know what to believe anymore when the Lame Stream Media opens its often-lying mouth — but I did hear something that sounded on-the-level and what I heard was that President Trump is seeking to renegotiate the notorious North American Free Trade Agreement also known as “NAFTA.”

Why should a president be concerned with doing something to change NAFTA?

First of all I think we have to understand exactly what NAFTA is supposed to have been and what the effect of it on the American Economy has been.

It was supposed to be a deal between The United States and Canada and Mexico whereby no tariffs (Taxes) are charged on goods being exchanged on the markets of the countries involved in the agreement.

On the surface that might sound like a really great deal because it sounds like goods being marketed between the partners to the agreement would be cheaper for consumers of products to buy.

But the reality is that since NAFTA became enacted and operative, it has resulted in massive job losses for The United States as American employers have fled across borders and out of The U.S., to such places as Mexico for the sake of cheap labor and America has lost an estimated 800,000 good paying jobs because of this and more are leaving every day.

America is fast becoming more of an importer of foreign goods than it is a seller of goods to foreign markets and the economic playing field is now substantially out of balance and America is paying the price in more ways than one. We are, for example, losing billions of dollars in taxes on imports that can no longer be collected because of NAFTA and The U.S. is not penalizing American companies that run away from the American Labor market.

It is all a little bit crazy!

There is no doubt that because of NAFTA we can go to the big box stores and buy a few items a lot cheaper because they are manufactured in countries that often use what amounts to slave labor …. very cheap labor … labor that often barely pays wages enough for workers to buy food …. but you know what? I would rather pay a few extra bucks for something made right here in America and be satisfied in knowing that I am supporting American jobs right here in America for my fellow American Citizens who work for a living! — That’s what I would be more than willing to do …. I would be willing to “Buy American” just so I could know that I am not betraying my Fellow Americans who have to work for a living but whose jobs have been shipped off to a foreign country somewhere.

If I had my way about it ….. If I were the king of the world by common consent … I would make damned sure that if American companies ran off and made their products overseas or across the border somewhere they would pay a hefty damned import tax when they tried to ship their stuff back into The United States to be sold to American Consumers.

That is a fair price for those companies who have screwed over their American Workers to pay in my humble opinion!

I am ready to see President Trump do whatever he can to get America a better deal out of some of their foreign economic entanglements that previous administrations have gotten us into and which have failed miserably to do anything other than penalize American Workers for the sake of saving a few piddling-assed dollars somewhere along the line.

Of course I am not sitting here with my head up my ass refusing to believe that America’s “Big Money Machines” will do their damnedest to obstruct the president every step of the way in this new venture to secure for us a level playing field in the NAFTA nightmare.

I think he is going to have a rough row to hoe.

But I am damned glad he is willing to give it his best shot!

American Labor deserves a little break somewhere along the way!



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The Funkiness Of Truth, Fiction And Illusion

So do you believe every word that is spoken or printed on Main Stream Media is absolute infallible Gospel Truth? — How about the Internet? — How about what you hear down at the tavern, the saloon or the bar …. over the back fence …. by the water cooler at work?

In today’s confused world how it is it possible to ever know whether or not you are being told the truth about anything or whether everything you hear or read is a lie designed to accommodate one agenda or another?

There is always instinct! — Instinct (That gnawing gut feeling) is usually a far more reliable barometer of what is true and what is not than the so-called “Facts” that somebody throws in your face on a daily basis.

Humans have something called “The instinct for survival” and this is probably protective enough that it will signal you when you hear or read something that can work against your best interests. Therefore I believe that your “Hunches” are reliable indicators of what is real and what is bullshit … more so than the printed or broadcast word.

Does what you are hearing or reading pass the smell test?

Usually if it appears to you top have a rancid odor, a spoiled odor or the odor of shit, then I think you can trust what you are smelling — most of the time.

One of the problems with discerning fact and fiction lies in the fact that as human beings we more or less tend to invent our perceptions of the world that surrounds us.

The danger in that fact is that there are other people living in our world who know that we tend to invent our perceptions and they work very hard to create pretty little pictures for us in an attempt to change our perceptions so that they can gain some kind of control over us or profit from us in the process.

Government tends to act that way with something traditionally known as propaganda and as the MSM grows closer alliances to government and to institutions designed to suck great amounts of money from the gullibility of an audience the propaganda presented to us on a daily basis becomes louder and more creative and imaginative all the time.

One of the greatest lies being presented as truth these days is something relatively new — something that has appeared only relatively recently — something labeled as “Political Correctness.”

“Political Correctness” is the set of lies designed to make us believe that the words we have always used to describe things are either improper or can be shifted to mean something else entirely than what the dictionary and the thesaurus have always represented them to mean.

Political Correctness (PC) then becomes …. in all reality … the mechanism by which someone with an agenda can recreate reality for those who embrace it and change the entire perspective of somebody’s world view. PC is very subtle and crafty … the creation of a dark underbelly of something malignant … something that wants to get us all tender enough to devour … to destroy … to enslave.

PC is the hissing of the serpent in the Garden of Eden … the serpent dressed in new shoes, shirt and tie … but the same old serpent nonetheless.

PC wants to create for us the illusion that we are forever and always safe from the terrorists’ butcher knife by trying to convince us that there is no evil to be found in the ideology that traditionally spawns terrorist activities.

That is just one example of the deception…. There are many more examples.

Can you name a few more examples of how the PC lie can lead a nation astray?

Can you name more examples of where something we have been told for years and years might turn out in the end to be something else entirely besides what we have been led to believe?