Another day has dawned to an inconsequential world of strife and woe — which is the normal state of the world these days — and has been the normal state of the world for quite some time now. No biggie! Situation Normal, All Screwed Up! LOL!

President Trump has returned from his first trip abroad and has gotten the tacit approval of everyone except for a broad who believes that there is no workable relationship between The United States and the rest of the world anymore and except for the investigators and the Trump Getters back home who are now focusing not only on The President Himself but who have started to peel the onion back on the rest of his family members too …. looking for anything they can convert into shit to use against the President.

I can’t wait for some cross eyed old snot farter in Washington to start some rumor about President Trump’s little teen-aged Son — something that I wouldn’t put past any of their more-than-desperate asses.

Yesterday was my friend, Jim’s 79th birthday — My own 79th is coming on July 8th — Anyone contemplating buying me gifts for this momentous occasion are invited to drop them off at the service entrance — LOL.

I bought myself a treat yesterday — I got a 1.7-ounce dispenser of “Tom Ford Oud Wood” mens’ cologne for a total of $203.00 and some odd cents in taxes and for legal purposes let me state my disclaimer right now and tell you that I am in no way being compensated for mentioning the brand name, “Tom Wood” but am mentioning it simply in order to communicate my information to my adoring almost limitless crowd of avid readers and supporters here on the blog.

I went out and ate a lot of pizza and stuff yesterday — so much for the diet — I am quivering in fearful anticipation of what the bathroom scale is going to tell me this morning but I shall redouble my efforts to achieve an acceptable body weight and we shall go on from here.

That’s about it for the first post of the day friends and neighbors, mommies and daddies and little kiddies everywhere and if something else catches my fancy I will return hereto forthwith to share it in my inimitably precocious manner …. a manner that it seems all my thousands of readers have come to adore. LOL.

There Is No Such Thing As A “Happy Memorial Day”

There is no such thing as a “Happy Memorial Day” but I will bet my bottom dollar that plenty of half-drunk or nearly “High” idiots will be clinking their glasses at some noisy bar or somewhere and saying it to each other.

Today is the day when American traditionally pay honor and respect to their war dead ….. or at least that is what the day was originally intended to be and that is how it was observed — notice I did not say “Celebrated” — back in the days when people actually cared at least as much about others as they did themselves …. kind of different from today.

Today it has kind of evolved into a few scattered parades and brief ceremonies at cemeteries and other appropriate places where a few fat old people in uniforms of wars long since gone and mostly forgotten and a handful of aspiring politicians who wish to capitalize on the emotion of the moment for their own political ambitions mount podiums, shed a crocodile tear or two and make long-winded pronouncements about how much the sacrifices made by our war dead mean to us and making the inevitable promise, “We shall never forget your sacrifices” before returning to their homes and offices and doing exactly that — forgetting!

I love the way some politicians attend these functions in all their faux tearful persona and then run back to Washington and cast every one of their votes against any bill that might provide some benefit for Veterans.

Anyway a few folks will get the day off from work, a few more will skip work and a few more will wish they had work to go to as they upend their beer or their booze or take a puff on their marijuana joint or sniff something off the back of their hands …and many of these same people will be dreaming of sandy beaches, lapping waves, alluringly warm water, the family boat, water skis, jet skis, outdoor barbecues, family picnics … all the things Americans can do and do at will and at their leisure while many people across the sea never can dream of because their day begins and ends with bombs, streets littered with corpses and fragments of buildings lying in piles everywhere.

Some people will go out to the local cemetery and lay a few Chinese-made plastic flowers on the grave of a family member who served in a long ago war while the Grandchildren will cavort among the tombstones totally oblivious to who this “Great American Hero” even was.

I am sure that people in our Southern States will spend a lot of this day of remembrance seething with anger and frustration because some of their elected leaders made the decision to bury some of their history by tearing down or removing Confederate Memorials that stood for a hundred years or more without bothering anybody or anything. This will be a different kind of Memorial Day for some of those folks.

Basically however this day will just be another day of shopping, recreation and getting drunk for a lot of people because they have forgotten what it is all about despite all their promises to “Never Forget.”

A lot of people who have never lost a loved one to war will probably not give a shit about any of the ceremonies and parades and will probably take the whole thing in stride and do whatever they have been doing as if it were just another day for them. They might bitch about having to take an alternate route somewhere because of the parades — but the day will come and go and some people won’t have the faintest clue of what all the rigmarole going on around them is about.

I have to admit that I had an uncle in the Second World War but I was only 3-years old when that war started and 7 years old when it ended and I can barely remember my veteran uncle — and so I am having a hard time grieving for him …. but I will go and lay a few “Real” flowers — The kind bought from a florist — on his grave because it is the righteous and honorable thing to do.




They are calling the men who were killed by a knife-wielding mad man in Oregon heroes after they tried to intervene between the attacker and a verbal abuse session he was having with an un-named Muslim girl on a train.

I think if they had minded their own business they would still be alive.

You can think what the hell ever you want to.

Trump took no questions from the Press?

There are some Liberal snotwads running all over the Internet yelling about President Trump not answering any questions for “The Press” during his recently concluded Middle Eastern and European tour.

If the “Press” had treated me as shittily as they have been treating the President — even before he became President — I don’t think I would be inclined to answer any of their questions either. In fact I would be most likely to simply shut down all future press conferences and make the fools settle for printed news release handouts for information they can twist into their yellow journalism.

Stop Kanutzing Around With The Damned Blog

There is no earthly need to always be fucking around with how your blog looks because it doesn’t do a damned bit of good to change it and to screw around with it because people are either going to read it or they are going to ignore it and there isn’t a damned thing you can do that is going to change anything.

I got into a little bit of a snit earlier because I watched a video of a human cremation.

That is something I do not recommend for the faint of heart.

I used to help my Dad once awhile in the local cemetery — back when graves were dug by hand in all kinds of weather and back when the people digging the graves were paid the grand sum of $35 a week for being on call every day of the week — Sundays included.

I have always had a morbid curiosity about death, dying, embalming and cremating.

But I had forgotten how unceremoniously the deceased is wrapped head to foot in something that looks like a modern version of a mummy bandage, tossed into a large paper board casket-looking thing, shoved into the cremation oven, burned to small pieces and then having their remains raked and crushed and ground into a fine powder before being placed in a small box to be returned to the undertaker for selection of an appropriate urn and then handed to the nearest of kin.

Sanitary, convenient and cheaper than the normal rigmarole of handling the dead but in my opinion still unappetizing. Watching this thing gave me a case of the willies and put me into a relatively negative mood.

If this is too much information then I apologize.

No, I don’t actually — I am not the apologizing kind.

How the Crusades Saved Europe

Source: How the Crusades Saved Europe

Note From John, Editor and Publisher, “John Liming.Blog.”

I am always amazed at how some people tell the God’s Honest Truth about things and then get a lot of flack from people who oppose them and who have “Other” agendas.

I am always grateful when somebody like “Partnering With Eagles” comes along and is unafraid to share the unvarnished truth about some of the nightmares facing us all.